Bread Bins & Storage Jars

Practical and pretty, our pottery Bread Bins and matching Storage Jars make an attractive feature in the kitchen.

Traditionally referred to as Bread Crooks, pottery has often been used as a way of storing bread, extending its edible life before the advent of preservatives and keeping pests such as mice at bay. Today, whilst they are still the perfect way to store bread, they are also a decorative feature standing in the kitchen. Each one is glazed on the inside too, which makes them easy to clean.

Why not treat yourself to a set of matching Storage Jars, either the traditional Tea, Coffee, Sugar or ask us to make some for Herbal Tea, Decaf or Hot Chocolate.

Larger jars are available to store, Pasta, Rice, Biscuits, and Flour.

Green and Light Oatmeal

Salt Pig Small


Green and Light Oatmeal

Salt Pig Large


Sea Blue and Light Oatmeal



Red & Blue Splashes and Light Oatmeal

Utensils Large


Utensils Large Decorated

Utensils Large Decorated


Cobalt Blue Top Splashes

Egg Cups


Cobalt Blue Top Splashes

Chicken Egg Cups


Red & Blue Splashes

Jam / Marmalade / Honey Pot


Cobalt Blue Top Splashes

Salt and Pepper Set