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      All our pottery is high fired stoneware, making it practical to use every day. Suitable to use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher, it is perfectly suited to contemporary living.

Everything that we make is individual and unique; the pots continually evolving and changing.

Please take the time to read the 'Understanding our glazes' page, a link is available on each product page and at the bottom of this Home page under Information. If you need help with choosing a glaze, then please use the 'Enquiry' form.

All the items featured may be ordered through our website or via email. You can begin your exploration in the categories below.

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Red & Blue Splashes

Wide Bread Bin


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Bread bin in Green and Light Oatmeal

Small Bread Bin


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Cobalt Blue and Light Oatmeal

Tea Coffee Sugar Jars


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Red & Blue Splashes

Potato Pot


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Our History

Richard & Jan Chapman, a husband and wife team, are the creative force behind Canterbury Pottery. Their quirky shop is found right in the centre of the historic city of Canterbury, in the shadow of the great cathedral. Their studio is at the back of the shop and this is where you will usually find them, hand making all sorts of ‘weird and wonderful’ pots.

Founded in 1963 by Betty Chapman, Richard’s mother, after she had graduated from the Royal College of Art, the pottery has been producing practical, dynamic and versatile pots for six decades. Over the years the pots have changed inline with changing fashions and lifestyles. Richard has spent the last forty years creating an envious repertoire of glazes, that in his practised hands interweave and merge to sumptuous effect.

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