Any good chef knows that a plate is not just a plate. It’s a frame to present and compliment the food that sits on it.

Whether you like yours pretty or understated, our plates are great to use every day. Designed to fit easily in the dishwasher, they also stack neatly for easy storage.

We usually glaze them as pictured in the photographs with a glazed rim. It is possible to have the rims unglazed, please contact us if you prefer this option.

Each plate is hand thrown on the wheel and designed to have the maximum amount of space for the food.

All our plates are suitable to use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.

Green Top Splashes

Dinner Plate (25cm)


Green & Fordwich White rim

Dinner Plate (27.5cm)


Sea Blue

Side Plate


Red & Blue Splashes

Wave Plate


Red & Blue Splashes

Small Wave Plate


Red Top Splashes

Hors d’Oeuvres Plate


Red & Blue Splashes

Meat Plate


Cobalt Blue Top Splashes

Pasta Plate


Light Blue and Red & Blue Splashes

Pie Plate / Crumble Dish


Red Top Splashes

Pavlova Plate


Cobalt Blue Splashes

Smaller Pavlova Plate


Red & Blue Splashes

Olive Plate



Christmas Pudding Plate


Venetian Red Top Splashes

Christmas Pudding Plate Medium