Virtually every meal in our house involves the use of a bowl

Bowls are so versatile and we make a wide variety to suit all your needs.

Beautiful to look at, it’s hard to believe that they are also practical to use. We have perfect bowls for salad or fruit, all sizes of serving bowls, some with fluted edges for our distinctive handmade look and plenty to eat from too.

All of them are suitable to use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. So you can whisk, cook, eat, store, share to your heart’s content.

Red & Blue Splashes

Serving Bowl Flat Rim


Cobalt Blue Top Splashes

Serving Bowl Flared


Green Top Splashes

Serving Bowl Fluted


Green and Yellow

Dessert/Cereal Bowl


Cobalt Blue Top Splashes

Soup Bowl


Red Top Splashes

Pasta Bowl 16cm


Cobalt Blue

Pasta Bowl 18cm


Cobalt Blue Top Splashes

Pasta Plate


Fordwich White and Red & Blue Splashes

Rice Bowl


Rice Bowl with chopsticks

Rice Bowl with Chopsticks


Cobalt Blue and Red & Blue Splashes

Noodle/Ramen Bowl


Red & Blue Splashe

Eclipse Serving Bowl


Green Top Splashes

Set of three nesting Heart Bowls


Heart Bowl stack

Heart Bowl


Red / Green / Cobalt Blue and Top Splashes

Small Heart Bowl


Red Top Splashes

Sorbet Bowl


Green Top Splashes

Small Fluted Bowl


Cobalt Blue Top Splashes

Lotus Bowl


Cobalt Blue / Venetian Red / Green

Tea Light Holder Bowl / Butter Pat


Red Top Splashes

Fruit / Salad Bowl Flared