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Red & Blue Splashes and Light Oatmeal

We all want to do whatever we can to reduce waste, particularly plastic, from polluting the environment. Food retailers are beginning to respond to the demands for less plastic packaging and the option to buy produce loose. We will need to adjust our shopping and storage habits to enable this initiative to become successful. Much as we have all been encouraged to carry our own shopping bags, we will need to have other containers to carry fruit, dry goods and cleaning products home.

For thousands of years pottery vessels have been used to store oil, wine, bread, flour, rice and vegetables. It is not unusual for ancient cargoes to be found on the sea bed, the pottery amphorae still sealed and intact!

Today, our pottery storage items are still a very practical way to store your ‘free from packaging’ items once you get them home. We have bread bins, pasta jars, oil bottles, butter dishes and vegetable pots, which will also look beautiful in your kitchen.

We also make a very practical Compost pot, so that you can recycle your food waste efficiently and soap dispensers for soaps and washing up liquid. So if you’re aiming for a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle you can utilise our storage bottles and containers to do away with single use plastic bottles. Simply fill the beautiful pottery with your oils, dry goods, shampoo etc. purchased from local zero waste stores, like Un-Boxed in Canterbury’s St Peter's Street and Canterbury Wholefoods in the Cathedral Quarter, Burgate.


Here at Canterbury Pottery we are proud to make pots that are robust enough to use every day and that should last for years and years. We buy the clay and raw materials for the glazes in bulk to reduce transport needs and recycle all our ‘waste’ clay. Wherever possible we use recycled packing boxes and packing materials and many of our customers bring their unwanted boxes and packing materials in for us to use, for which we are very grateful. When appropriate we use Hive Paper to protect the pots in transit. We have cotton 'bags for life' and offer paper carrier bags when needed and suitable.

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Green and Light Oatmeal

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