Serving Dishes

Ta-dah! The perfect serving dish…

When it comes to serving dishes we really let our imaginations come out to play.

Richard & Jan are both keen cooks and new ideas often pop up when they are cooking together. From the stylishly simple Pavlova Plates to the humorous Mouse Cheese Dish, there are so many serving options to choose from.

You may even find that your serving dish becomes a conversation piece!


Gravy Jug and Saucer


Red Top Splashes

Pavlova Plate


Cobalt Blue Splashes

Smaller Pavlova Plate


Red & Blue Splashes

Wave Plate


Red & Blue Splashes

Small Wave Plate


Red & Blue Splashes

Meat Plate


Green Top Splashes

Lazy Susan


Red Top Splashes

Hors d’Oeuvres Plate


Red & Blue Splashes

Apple Baker


Light Oatmeal

Sheepish Pot


Green and Light Oatmeal

Butter Dish


Green and Light Oatmeal

Round Butter Dish


Deep Serving Bowl

Deep Mixing Bowl



Christmas Pudding Plate Medium



Christmas Pudding Plate