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A standard size Chalice decorated with the distinctive Canterbury Cross. Each Chalice is hand thrown in one piece; this is unusual as it is technically much more difficult than making a goblet in two pieces. The benefit of having the Chalice thrown in one piece, is that it has better balance with a solid base and doesn’t have the inherent weakness of the joint. The chalice is glazed on the inside of the bowl for easy cleaning. Approximate capacity 300 ml (0.5 pint) and 15 cms (6″) tall.

Church names can be inscribed on to the base of the Paten and sometimes on the foot of the Chalice. Names and dates of ordinations can also be inscribed. Smaller sets suitable for home visits can be commissioned.  Chalice and Patens may be ordered without any motif or commissioned with a relevant cross, motif or school crest. Inscribed and bespoke items usually take three weeks to come through production.

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Weight 475 g
Dimensions L 9 x W 9 x H 15 cm


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