Smaller Pavlova Plate


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Our Smaller Pavlova Plate is an extremely versatile serving dish. Deceptively simple, this hand thrown Pavlova Plate is completely flat and a chunky 1.5 cms (0.6″) thick. Designed so that the meringue base for a Pavlova can be baked directly onto the plate and served without the need to disturb the meringue. However, our customers have found an astonishing number of different uses for this piece, including Cheese Board, Cake Stand, Coaster and Pizza Stone! We usually suggest that a practice Pavlova is done initially, as meringue recipes vary. The plate needs to be lightly oiled or some people prefer to use silicone sheet to prevent the meringue from sticking too much. Approximately 26 cms diameter.

To avoid potentially damaging your oven-to-table dish, we advice you not to pre-heat your oven but to prepare the food on the plate, place it in the oven and then turn the oven on.

Suitable to use in the oven.

Additional information

Weight 1500 g
Dimensions L 26 x W 26 x H 1.5 cm


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